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Web Portal Explains All About Energy

The U. S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) maintains a Web portal that talks about energy topics in plain language. “Energy Explained” includes topics such as where gasoline comes from, what determines the price of electricity, how much renewable energy the United States uses and much more. The site allows easy navigation among six major energy topics: what is energy, use of energy, energy and the environment, nonrenewable energy sources, renewable sources and secondary energy sources. Visit the site today at www.eia.doe.gov/energyexplained and learn more about something that touches us in many ways every day.

Save Energy in the New Year

The New Year for many Americans brings with it a tradition of making resolutions for a better future. Taking new strides in energy conservation could well be one of them. Whether you are looking for energy conservation opportunities for your home or apartment or designing a new energy-efficient home, the U.S. Department of Energy has a site that can help you with your efforts. Check out the following link for more information on saving energy and money in the New Year at www.energy.gov/yourhome.htm.