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science is real

I’m sitting in the bus, and these two people are talking about how they wished that some of that technology on Star Trek would come true. Like the lapel button you can push to talk to someone. I simply replied “I want one of those communication devices that you can talk to anyone anywhere. Oh we have those, it’s called a cell phone. And your button, it’s called blue tooth headset.”

This started with my watching of F@x Ooz about “Do you believe Global Warming is real?”

Seriously?? Do you believe that Science is real? I mean that’s the question you’re asking. Are you real? Only the people that “Believe” that global warming isn’t real are the same people that “believe” computers are run by black magic inside.

Seriously people, we live in the modern age. If Science is real, then Global Warming is real. If you don’t believe that, get out of my society and go back to the trees that you belong in!