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On the technology front; good news this week.

Two advances in technology come to be this week that will have substantial impact (hopefully for good) on the future.

First being the heavily recognized Net-Neutrality.
Although the legal battles will begin, the Supreme Court potentially overturning, and possible loopholes in the FCC ruling; this will make everyone that uses the Internet very happy.
Net-Neutrality is the premise that the Internet should be available for everyone like it always has been.
Basically, you are for Net-Neutrality unless you are an evil person (or entity).
If you still don’t understand (and more importantly care to know) check out the tid-bit from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality.

The second lesser known is that the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) (via the IESG) approved the new HTTP/2┬áprotocol for release. It is an update to the currently used HTTP 1.1 protocol that you use to browse the web with. It’s what makes those HTTP:\\ and HTTPS:\\ work.
This change should be virtually transparent to the user and will make websites load faster. Potentially bring new features to websites that currently cannot be done.
I do have some reservations that this technology will also be used for some nefarious purposes. The obvious one being new methods of sending advertisements to you, that may not be able to be blocked by Adblock/AdblockPlus tools.
The second would be much worse; as those same advertisement redirects could include crackers (bad hackers), attacking and using your computer in new ways that currently we don’t have any protection against.
Eventually those problems will resolve themselves over time and HTTP/2 will be come the new bedrock that HTTP 1.1 has been.

So amidst the chaos, confusion, and the sad loss of Leonard Nimoy (known for Mr. Spock from Star Trek). There is some good news this week that will (hopefully) have some substantial impact towards our future.


Microsoft and Windows 9

Two videos of the preview of Windows 9 give hope to Microsoft and the Windows Desktop.
They have finally integrated some long wanted features into the desktop. For example, a standardized Notification Center, multiple desktops (behavior similar to Mac OSX), and downscale of the Metro interface.

Along with those; the rumored integration of Cortana will make it a completely competitive desktop to Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS.

With the addition of Microsoft’s relationship with Osterhout Design Group. ODG has some amazing tech including Augmented Reality glasses (
Which will hands down beat Google Glass and Oculus Rift as the interface of choice.

If you’re unsure, check out this video:

The whole video is pretty cool.

The future..