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She Uses Her Hands to Tell History, but Not How You Think

Ukrainian artist Senia Simon does what no one else can; she tells history and stories with sand. Yes, you read that correctly. Using a special lightboard, incredible technique, moving music, and a whole lot of flair, she “paints” pictures on a continuously evolving canvas. In this spellbinding clip from Ukraine’s Got Talent (which she won), you can watch her weave an entire moving World War II saga in sand. You’ll just have to see it to believe it.

Yuri’s Night Celebrations 2014

Yuri ImageCome celebrate human spaceflight with the global annual celebration of Yuri’s Night! Saturday, April 12, marks the anniversary of the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin (1961), and the first space shuttle flight (1981).
Locations across our planet will be celebrating in unique ways, and Cape Canaveral has an assortment of activities for you to participate in.
Check out these amazing events right here on the Space Coast.

When: Friday, April 11
What: Yuri’s Night Kickoff with the 4th International Workshop on Lunar Science Applications (LSA 4) Yuri’s Night Central Florida International Space Apps Challenge Hang Out

When: Saturday, April 12
What: Yuri’s Night Space Coast Rocket Bike Pub Crawl
Yuri’s Night Soviet Block Wines