Does Mexico have Illegal Immigrants?

Does Mexico have Illegal Immigrants?

That was the thought that came to mind after washing a container of blackberries I purchased from the store and finding a black hair in it. At first I jokely thought “hey, it’s a hair from an illegal mexican”. However examining the container it said Product of Mexico. So nope, not an illegal mexican.

Then I started to wonder; Mexico is a capitalistic country, and like any capitalistic society, it’s bent on reducing costs as much as possible by laboring on the backs of the poor. What if there was another country (poorer than Mexico) that had illegal immigrants migrating to Mexico?

Would it be possible that the carton of blackberries I purchase in the United States, that was produced in Mexico, had been picked by people from somewhere like Honduras?

I guess that’s globalization for you.

And a scary thought: What food processing laws would they abide by?

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