Google street view at KSC

Want a tour of KSC?
Don’t have a badge to get on premises?

You can now do it from your computer!!

Google Street View Project is now up and running.  Enjoy this.  Wait until you see the views on these links!

Atlantis Orbiter
The Atlantis Orbiter conducted the final flight of the Space Shuttle program on July 8th, 2011

Endeavour Orbiter
The Endeavour Orbiter awaiting decommissioning in the Vertical Assembly Building

Kennedy Space Center Firing Room #4
One of the four locations used to support launch operations for the shuttle program

Top of Launch pad 39A
View from the top of launch pad where many shuttle launches took place, overlooking Space Center

Base of launch pad 39A
The giant ‘rainbirds’ pump 300,000 gallons of water in 41 seconds during Shuttle launches

Apollo/Saturn V Center
A giant Saturn V rocket is on display in addition to dozens of artifacts from the Apollo missions

Apollo 14 command module
Took astronauts Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and Edgar Mitchell to the moon on February 5th, 1971


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